A complete nutrition fact chart lists for each category of foods. Nutritional data includes calories, fat, protein, fiber, vitamins, macronutrients and micronutrients.

Food Nutrition Charts | Food List

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Do you know your Daily Requirements for the Following Vitamins and Minerals?

Macronutrients Reference Intakes Per Day

Total Water Liters Carbohydrate grams Total Fiber grams Fat grams Protein grams
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Vitamin Intake Per Day and Tolerable Upper Limits

Vitamin A mcg Vitamin C mg Vitamin D mcg Vitamin E mg
Viamint K mcg Thiamin mg Riboflavin mg Niacin mg
Vitamin B6 mg Folate mcg Vitamin B12 mcg Pantothenic Acid mg
Biotin mcg Choline mg
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Element Intakes Per Day and Tolerable Upper Limits

Calcium mg Chromium mcg Copper mcg Fluoride mg
Iodine mcg Iron mg Magnesium mg Manganese mg
Molybdenum mcg Phosphorus mg Selenium mcg Zinc mg
Potassium g Sodium g Chloride g
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PlanetPace.com Food Nutrient Chart. A list of food and nutrients data table listing the nutrients in fruit, vegetables, dairy, milk, cheese, eggs, nuts, seeds, legumes, meats, beef, lamb, goats, game and all common foods with nutritional data values.

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USDA National Nutrient Database
for Standard Reference, Release 24.
Nutrient Data Laboratory Home Page,

PlanetPace - Nutrition and Bible Diet
(Simple Diet of Life foods)

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This Page Displays Food Nutrition Charts | Food List

Food Nutrient Chart: A list of foods and associated nutrients table.

Nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, meats, chicken, lamb, poultry, nuts, seed and all foods groups with nutritional information and values.

Useful information for those who wish to consult a nutrition facts chart as an aid to proper nutrition for dietary intake.

This page displays: Food Nutrient Chart. Complete Food list and nutrients table. Nutrients in fruit, vegetables, dairy, eggs, nuts, meats and foods with nutritional data values. Most common foods are listed. Browse the categories above to find your food of interest.

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